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Reiki is a very gentle but effective form of holistic therapy, suitable for all.  The healing power of Reiki can be of benefit to a variety of physical and emotional problems.


Reiki (pronounced ray- key) means 'life force'. The origins of Reiki can be found in Japan, where Dr Mikao Usui experienced ‘enlightenment’ after time in meditative retreat, and came to understand that energy could be used to aid the healing process.  Since then, the Reiki technique has been passed down from practitioner to practitioner.


During a Reiki treatment the therapist places their hands on or close to the body, and channels the healing energy into the client.  Treatments are carried out whilst the client is fully clothed and typically take 45-60 minutes.


We were unable to give Reiki treatments during the tight Covid-19 restrictions, however can do so now safely.  Reiki is a close contact therapy and so we adhere to strict guidelines.  We will let you know about this upon booking. 


If you are interested in having a Reiki treatment, please contact us to discuss.

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