Our aim is to support veterans and their families to improve their wellness and mental health.

To do this, we provide a holistic approach to relaxation and stress reduction which complements pharmaceutical & clinical interventions in the community.

Although we prioritise military veterans and their families, civilian emergency service personnel and those who work in high stress environments, we encourage anyone to access our services to improve their mental health.

Veterans Activities in Mind - here at Wintergreen we have projects YOU can get involved with...

"Mind & Body"   Sensory Garden 

Our Current Projects

Our first major funded project is the "Mind & Body" Sensory Garden. We are creating a calming space on Penlan Farm, Ceredigion; for veterans to enjoy on their visit.




Our Services

All services are provided FREE to veterans

This service empowers people to take control of negative thought processes and build coping strategies through regular mindful practises.


These low cost sessions are provided in small weekly one hour groups.

You can combine this with any of our one-to-one services to ensure a bespoke package tailored just for you.

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This ancient eastern therapy provides a deeply relaxing experience.


Using the specific placement of hands by the reiki practitioner to bring about relief.


It is especially useful in reducing chronic pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety through cleansing of the chakras.

A bespoke service of coaching to help turn your wellness around. Specially developed to improve and empower those with chronic fatigue, ME, fibromyalgia.


This program supports you to make positive and lasting change to your life by focusing on all aspects of your physical and mental wellbeing. We give you the tools to heal yourself.

" heals in a straight line"

Edith Eger (Auschwitz survivor & author)


Get in touch with WintergreenUK to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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