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Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching is currently delivered online on a one-to-one basis. This involves an initial assessment with a specialist mental health professional to determine the suitability of our service for you.  Coaching is NOT the same as counselling; the professional will determine, through a series of questions, whether you have the required motivation to be coached through your mental health and/or physical health difficulties.

What’s involved:

  • FREE* to military veterans and family members **

  • A series of 6 (minimum), 1 hour, weekly, online sessions with a well-being coach

  • Learn strategies to empower you to move forwards with whatever your personal difficulties happen to be

  • Confidence building

  • Reframing of long-held negative beliefs

  • Examining your core values and helping you to build strategies to uphold these

  • Assessing your ‘well-being wheel’ – i.e. what are the stressors that impact your quality of life

o Relationships
o General health; exercise and nutrition
o Mental health worries and challenges
o Lifestyle & pace
o Environment; home & work
o Life purpose
o Financial stressors

Please note that, if after the initial assessment, you require counselling services, and you are not yet ready for our service, you will be appropriately sign-posted to a professional service. For more information please contact us.


*we have a chargeable service for members of the public; please contact us for our current rates.

**you may be required to show evidence of service

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